Product List for ADOT

B-22.40 Bridge Pedestrian Rail

B-22.41 Bridge Pedestrian Rail

B-22.50 Pedestrian Fence w/Curb

B-22.60 Pedestrian Fence w/Parapet

B-22.70 6 High Fence w/Parapet or Barrier

C-10.03 W Beam Guardrail G4 (W) or G4 (2W) Blocked-Out Timber Post

C-10.04 W Beam Guardrail G4 (S) Blocked-Out Steel Post

C-10.05 W Beam Guardrail G4 (Modified)
     w/Freeway Curb and Gutter

C-10.06 W Beam Guardrail Nested

C-10.07 W Beam Guardrail Bolt Anchor

C-10.08 W Beam Guardrail End Anchor

C-10.20 Thrie-Beam Guardrail

C-10.30 Guardrail Transition W-Beam to Concrete Half Barrier

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C-15.10 Catch Basin Type 1

C-15.20 Catch Basin Type 3 Nose Plate/Access Cover

C-15.30 Catch Basin Type 4

C-15.40 Catch Basin Type 5

C-15.70 Catch Basin Misc.

C-15.75 Drop Inlet

C-15.80 Catch Basin Flush

C-15.81 Catch Basin Side Slope

C-15.90 Catch Basin Median Dike

C-15.91 Freeway Catch Basin

C-15.92 Catch Basin Type F Concrete Half Barrier

M-34 Guardrail Extruder Terminal Delineation

C-13.75 Storm Drain Outlet Barrier Gate