Product List for Municipal and County


C-105 Guard Post For Backflow Prevention Assemblies
C-107 2 Steel Pipe Galvanized Handrail
C-400 24 & 30 Manhole Frame and Cover
C-500 Scupper
C-503 Trashrack/Access Barrier
C-504 Retention Basin Inlet
C-505 Catch Basin Access Frame /Cover
C-506 Catch Basin Grates
C-507 Below Grade Retention Basin Inlet (Bubbler Box) 


G-462 Bicycle Rack
G-672 Guard Post


M-32 Guard Post
M-64 Double Catch Basin Per
MAG534 Type E
M-65 1 Galvanized Pipe Safety Railing


2270 Frame and Cover MAG391-C
2285 Double Bicycle Rack
2420 Water Tight Bolt Down Manhole Ring and Cover
2421 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Cover
2508 2 Steel Pipe Handrail
2515-2 Drainage Gate at Block Wall
2520 Storm Drain Manhole Cover
2535 Catch Basin Grates Type F and G
2562-1 Storm Sewer Outfall Access Barrier

Maricopa County

205.7A Permanent Road Closures using Type III Barricades
205.7B Permanent Road Closures using Type III Barricades
205.7C Permanent Road Closures using Type III Barricades
205.7D - Permanent Road Closures using Type III Barricades
3001 Typical Guardrail
3002 Typical Guardrail
3003 Typical Guardrail
3004 End Terminal Layout at Half Barrier Terminal
3005 End Terminal Layout w/Curb and Gutter
3006 End Terminal Layout without Curb and Gutter
3007 Departure Terminal
3008-1 Nested Guardrail Type 1
3008-2 Nested Guardrail Type 2
3008-3 Nested Guardrail Type 3
3010-1 Bolted Guardrail Anchors
3010-2 Bolted Guardrail Anchors
3012-1 Guardrail Transition


T-578 Bicycle Rack Detail
T-353 Tree Grate 

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P1024 Steel Pipe Barricade
P1173 Handrail Detail 2 Sch. 40 Galvanized Pipe
P1424 Manhole Cover 24
P1424-1 Manhole Cover 30
P1561 Frame & Cover Catch Basin Access 24
P1561-2 Frame & Cover Catch Basin Landscape Access 24
P1563 Storm Sewer Access Barrier
P1564 Catch Basin Grate Frames Type 1 & 2
P1565 Catch Basin Grates Type 1 & 2
P1566 Catch Basin Combination Type J w/Concrete Apron
P1567 Catch Basin Combination Type K w/Concrete Apron
P1568 Catch Basin Combination Type L w/Concrete Apron
P1569 Catch Basin Combination Type M w/Concrete Apron
P1569-2 Type M Landscape
P1570 Catch Basin Type N Single, Double, Triple
P1571 Type P Double Curb Opening
P1572 Type Q Catch Basin Single, Double, Triple
P1573 Type R Catch Basin Single
P1574 Inlet Curb Opening
P1581 Type M Modified Catch Basin w/Offset Opening
P1583 Type R Modified Catch Basin
P1584 Type R Modified Catch Basin w/Wing & Offset Opening

Apache Junction

AJ-422M Sewer Manhole & Cover Frame ADJ
AJ-50.1 Access Barrier
AJ-533-1M Catch Basin Type D


G-3332 Hydrant Safety Post 6 MAG140
G-3530 Catch Basin Access Frame & Cover Pickhole
G-3531 Access Barriers
G-3535-1 Catch Basin Type M
G-3560 Handrail Detail (2 Galvanized Sch.40)
G-3680-1 Trail Access Gates
G-3680-2 Trail Access Gates
G-3682 Trail Safety Barriers 2 Steel Pipe or Wood
G-3695 Approach Railing to Overpasses & Bridges
G-3695 Overpass & Bridges 


PE146-4 4 or 6 Safety Post
PE199 Handrail 2 Pipe


Handrail 2 x 2 x 1/8 Square Tubing Sch.40


44 Scupper
80-3 Safety Post 4 or 6